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2.55s(THUD) Yep, called it.
4.74s(CROWD CHEERING) And now, for our weekly amateur flapdown.
3.37sDo we have two volunteers to go wing-to-wing with the Murderflies?
3.6sWinners get 50 bucks and the accolades of dozens of hooting hillbillies.
1.65sWhat do you think, Leela?
3.2sJudging from your tank top, you love getting hooted at by hillbillies.
3.92sAnd you could use the $50 for another gallon of Hello Kitty perfume.
2.03sThe bicker sisters teaming up?
2.54sTalk about cat women on the moon.
5.41s(BOTH YOWL) Okay, enough of that already. We're not really fighting.
2.25sThen prove it. By fighting.
2.37sAll right, we will. Come on, Amy.
2.72sWhy don't you and I ever do things together?
1.02sThis is hard.
2.84sNow I know why butterflies are always so grouchy.
2.55sANNOUNCER: Please welcome tonight's volunteer victims,