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4.47sAn Oscar, you say? That would get me out of this festering rat's nest...
2.34scalled television once and for all.
2.65sLet me see the script.
3.09sNo. No, I don't like the font. Wait!
3.95sHarold Zoid? Was this written by the Harold Zoid?
0.65sWritten and xeroxed.
2.44sGood heavens.
2.97sA chance to work with the legendary Harold Zoid.
4.67sHe's one of my great idols. And you say you can guarantee me the Oscar?
3.22sI can guarantee ya anything you want. Then I'll do it!
2.6sHooray! Here's your checkbook.
5.89sLadies and gentlemen, I give you our director, the legendary Harold Zoid.
3.6sThank you. A more classic movie plot there isn't.
4.12sA son who does not want to follow in his father's business,
3.49sand that business is being president of Earth, no less.
2.7sThe son, as it happens, is vice president.