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4.25sAnd a rich, respected doctor with many surviving patients.
3.5sEating real food in a restaurant, as we both often do.
4.32sSo, you want to be a comedian, is it? It's my lifelong dream.
3.99sWell, that dream dies now! You're unfunny and untalented!
2.68sThat's why you're perfect for drama.
2.07sHmm. Serious drama.
3.32sPerhaps it is time to give up comedy.
4.37sI'm putting together a big drama picture right now as we speak.
4.44sThe script is dynamite. I know, because I wrote it myself.
3.47sAnd with me directing and starring, I'll be back on top...
4.67safter 50 miserable years... of fame.
2.59sAh, fame. Where do I come in?
3.3sThis fame film has a juicy part for you...
3.54sif you completely finance it with your doctor money.
1.9sSo, are you in?
2.01sUh, okay.