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1.63sNow, kids, while your mother's gone,
2.05sI don't wanna have to wash any dishes.
3.2sSo from now on, drink straight from the faucet or milk carton,
2.45sand we'll eat while standing over the sink or toilet.
3.67s- Who's gonna change Maggie? - We're gonna let her roam free in the backyard,
1.97sand nature will take its course.
2.97sExcuse me, but I think if we all do our fair share,
1.88swe can keep this house clean.
3.2sDad, we're running out of clean clothes.
3.05sIt seems like I've been wearing this same red dress forever.
3.39sGo up to the attic. There's a whole trunk of clothes up there.
3.37sAll right! Bologna and cheese! What do you got, Bart?
3.49sA pack of sugar and peanut butter smeared on a playing card.