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2.67sPeter, do you really expect anyone to show up?
2.43sSure I do. Look, here comes a bunch of people.
1.63sWow, what a turnout.
2.54sPeter, that's not a group of enthusiastic party guests,
1.47sthat's an angry mob.
2.27sWe don't want you in our town, Simpson.
2.84sWe don't love you like we did in 1993.
3.17sAnd as for you, O.J., we don't want you here either.
5.24s(PETER EXCLAIMS) Anyone who wants a piece of O.J. has to get by me.
2.04sNo, Peter. This is my fight.
2.17sAnd I'll be the one to fight it.
2.4sLook at you all. Look what you're doing.
2.77sWhy, you're no better than what you made me out to be.
2.2sSure, I made some mistakes in my life.
2.37sI forget to take the trash out some days,
2.83sI've left the toothpaste cap on the bathroom counter.