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6.27sWho loves a lass above his station
5.5sBut, soft, Ron, my husband draws near
4.74sNicole, I'm back from filming the third
2.64sNaked Gun movie
4.14sOh, horror You have betrayed me
3.5sAl Cowling said it would be so
6.87sI didn't see a thing
4.07sWell, it looks like this is one more town the media has run me out of.
3.34sNow wait a second, Juice. You can't let them tell you how to live your life.
1.63sYou've been running for too long.
2.87sI say you let people get to know you the way I have.
1.63sYou really think that's possible, Peter?
1.33sOf course it is.
2.2sWe'll even throw a big party and invite everybody in town.