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1.84sNow, did you get a look at the man who assaulted you?
1.8sI did. Okay, can I get a description?
2.67sYeah, he was probably around 5'9", 5'10"?
1.07sWhich is it, 5'9" or 5'10"?
1.47sI'd say 5'10".
1.37sOkay, we'll go 5'9" and a half.
1.5sAnd now, how old was he?
1.47sLate 30s, maybe 37.
2.24sI don't know, anywhere between 35 and 40.
1.1sOkay, well, let's say 37.
1.33sHow about ethnicity?
1.3sYeah, he was Asian-American.
2.07sAsian-American. Are we talking Korean? Are we talking Thai?
1sAre we talking Vietnamese?
1.83sMaybe Korean.
2.07sCould have been Japanese, but I think Korean.
1.6sOkay, Korean.
2.44sNow how about identifying characteristics? Any marks, piercings?
1.63sHe may have had a tattoo.
2.1sHe may have had a tattoo? Did have a tattoo? Which one was it?
2.27sI don't know. It all happened so fast.
1.74sYou know what? It's fine. I have a preliminary sketch here.
2.45sIs this the man who assaulted you?
1.64sPeter, they're never gonna take you back.
2.2sYou got fired for racist drawings.
1.47sI guess.
1.77sHey, you know what else I draw really well? Bullwinkle.
3.04sI'd probably still be working if more crooks looked like Bullwinkle.
1.4sEarly night, Griffin?