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2.2sHey, Mom, where the hell's dinner? I'm starving.
4.22sOh, man, can you imagine the disaster she's gonna walk out here with?
2.14sShe has no idea how hard it is to cook.
2.1sYeah, yeah, I bet she comes out with just like...
1.67sJust like a poop on a plate, right?
1.53sPoop on a plate would be good,
2.44sbecause at least there'd be traces of my food still in there.
2.6sOh, snap! Snap! Snap!
2.75sHey, guys? Give her a fucking chance, all right?
1.35sHere it is, gang.
3.77sSeared ahi tostadas, grilled asparagus, couscous,
3.4sand for dessert, molten chocolate lava cake.
1.12sWait a minute.
2.23sMeg, when did you find the time to do all this?
2.05s(SCOFFS) I had all day to do this.
1.57sOh, my God, this is delicious.