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1.8sI think I may want more cigarettes.
1.23sI'll get you more cigarettes.
1.67sBut I'm pretty mad about my dirt bike!
1.63sKids, I'm sorry to say this,
2.27sbut I think the two of you need to be punished.
1.67sLook, it was an accident, okay?
2.03sI mean, you can always buy another one, right?
1.25sBuy another one?
5.07sYou know, I don't think you kids appreciate how hard your father and I work to provide you with everything we do.
2.44sSometimes you just seem to take us for granted.
2.2sYou know, it's very difficult being a parent.
4.62sNo, it's not. You get to do anything you want and you get to make all the rules.
1.7sDamn right I do, 'cause I make the money!
3.2sI'm the big mamoo around here!
4.2sNow, when you start bringing in a paycheck and providing for this family, then you can make the rules!
2.19sWell, I'd do a better job of it than you!
1.63sOh, you think so, huh?