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2.3sChris, you idiot! Look at what you did!
4.34sYou mean look what two black teenagers did when they stole Dad's bike.
2.82sWhat were you kids thinking? You could have been killed!
2.49sIt was Chris' idea. He talked me into it.
1.08sIs that right?
2.5sSo you like taking dirt bikes that don't belong to you, huh?
2.5sThen here, have a whole carton of cigarettes!
1.65sPeter, that's not what this is about.
2.37sSee how you like them! Here, I'll even get you started.
1.37sDad, I don't smoke.
2.54sSure, you don't now. But keep at it. You'll get the hang of it.
2.9sBy the end of that pack, you'll be smoking like a real pro.
1.23sLike a cool kid.
2.3sYeah, that's it. Getting smoother, isn't it?
1.12s- Yeah. - Oh, yeah!
1.93sWait till you try it after a meal. Delicious!
1.67sAnd after sex? Forget about it.
2.2sIt's like putting your penis to sleep in a feather bed.
1.8sI think I may want more cigarettes.
1.23sI'll get you more cigarettes.
1.67sBut I'm pretty mad about my dirt bike!
1.63sKids, I'm sorry to say this,
2.27sbut I think the two of you need to be punished.
1.67sLook, it was an accident, okay?