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1.79sLike heck it is!
2.94s(DIALING TONES) - Hey, check your phone. Why?
2.4sI just sent you a picture of a kitten in sunglasses.
1.72sWell, this I gotta see!
2.35sHello, cool kitty.
3.07sOh! And we have a winner!
1.6sAh, darn it.
3.5sWell, I guess I'll just disappear into that field of corn.
3sHelp! I'm lost in corn!
1.17sHey, where's Peter? I don't know.
2.24sI haven't heard from him since he left work.
3.4s(ENGINE REVVING) Hope you made extra. I brought a guest.
1.72sWhat the hell? Who is this?
1.22sThis is my dirt bike girlfriend.
2.74sI'm a dirt bike guy now, so I need a dirt bike girlfriend.
3sYes, she has small breasts, but she makes up for it by smoking.
2.37sPeter, she has to leave. We're having dinner.
4.82sNo, Lois! I will not allow you to look down on Amber just 'cause she goes to an alternative high school!