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1.17sLook, I'm really sorry,
1.7sbut if we're that desperate for money,
1.67sisn't there something we can do?
3.34sI mean, maybe we could ask to borrow some from Mr. Quagmire.
1.9sOh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?
3.84sLike to see me walk next door, hat in hand, and ask him for money.
3.09sBet you'd have your nose pressed against the glass to watch that conversation.
1.22sNo, you know what?
4.07sInstead, let's just go knock on all the doors of all our neighbors and tell them I'm a failure!
1.65sNo, that's not what I... No, no, no, it's a good idea!
3.05sLet's just go right now and tell everyone how much of a failure I am.
1.23sBut I...
3.04s(KNOCKING) QUAGMIRE: Oh, hey, Chris.
1.23sCHRIS: Meg has something she wants to tell you.
1.23sMEG: Chris, please, I'm sorry.
1.2sCHRIS: Say it!
1.87sMEG: (CRYING) Chris is a failure.
1.44sQUAGMIRE: Uh, okay.
1.6sCHRIS: Now we're going to the Swansons!
2.83sOh, my God! I think Chris is having a heart attack!