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3.8sHere he is, Rex Harrison and Paul Anka rolled into one.
4.7sThat tonic really works. You and Grampa should bottle it and go into business.
2.42sYou want me to spend more time with Dad?
2.32sWhat about my New Year's resolution?
1.3sYou can make a lot of money.
1.87sYeah! Where are my pants?
2.07sYou threw them out the window in a fit of passion.
2.2sYou said you were never going to need them again.
2.3sOh, hurry, Neddie. They're awful!
2.8sYou just be ready with that garbage bag.
3.4sOoh, mama! This is finally really happening.
3.27sAfter years of disappointments with get-rich-quick schemes,
3.6sI know I'm gonna get rich with this scheme... and quick.
2.93sSir! Hello, sir!
3.27sYes, you look like a man who needs help satisfying his wife.
2.34sSo-- Ow!
2.94sI guess people have some sort of moral objection to our sex drug.