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2sUh-huh. And where are the hookers?
2.5sRound back. Oops.
3.64sBut first, she was a university honor student who devoted her life to kids...
3.87suntil the night a grossly overweight pervert named Homer Simpson...
2.97sgave her a crash course in depravity.
1.67sAw, crap!
2.4sSomebody had to take the babysitter home.
2.57sThen I noticed she was sitting on-- her sweet can.
2sI grab her-- sweet can.
2.2sOh, just thinking about-- her can.
3.29sI just wish I-- sweet-- sweet-- s-s-sweet can.
2.85sSo, Mr. Simpson, you admit you grabbed her can.
2.37sWhat do you have to say in your defense?
2.37sMr. Simpson, your silence will only incriminate you further.
2.44sNo, Mr. Simpson. Don't take your anger out on me.
2.47sGet back! Get back! M-Mr. Simpson, no!
4.12sMarge, kids, everything's gonna be just fine.