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4.54sAy, ay, es Homer Simpson. Me ha molestado. ¬°Oh!
3.69sOh. I like it better when they're making fun of people who aren't me.
2.4sI know. Evening at the improv.
2.37sThey never talk about anything beyond the 1980s.
2.27sI think about weird stuff. Like, what would happen...
2.87sif E.T. and Mr. T. had a baby?
2.17sWell, you'd get Mr. E.T., wouldn't you?
3.57sAnd, you know, I think he'd sound a little something like this.
2.84sI pity the fool who doesn't phone home.
2.1sOh, I wouldn't wanna be Mr. T. right now.
3.8sHomer, the kids have a great idea how you can clear your name!
2.94sThe media's making a monster out of you because they don't care about the truth.
1.9sAll they care about is entertainment.
3.24sYou need a forum where they don't even know the meaning of the word entertainment--
2.74s- public access television. - Oh.
3.54sBut those shows all look so crummy. We can dress it up a bit.
3.24sWe can bring a fern and a folding chair from the garage,