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2.32sthat you may bathe your feet in blood."
4.72sAs true today as it was when it was written.
2.42sNow let's open it up to some Q&A.
1.78sYes, Lisa jr.?
3.5sAmy said there are lots of religions. Which is the right one?
3.7sWell, not the Unitarians. If that's the one true faith, I'll eat my hat.
2.25sUm, if the Lord is all-powerful,
2.54swhy does he care whether we worship him or not?
2.15sAk just saying.
5.14sWell, Ak, it's because God is powerful, but also insecure--
2.84slike Barbra Streisand before james Brolin.
1.94sOh, he's been a rock.
2.58sOh, who am I kidding? The truth is I'm no missionary.
2.57sI work in a nuclear power plant.
3.79sOoh. Tell us all you know about nuclear power.
2.85sLook, the point is, I want to help.
3.42sBut you don't need a well or a chapel or an immunization center.
2.55sWhat you need's a little razzle-dazzle.