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3.5sOh, yes. The whole town thinks you're a real humanitarian.
2.94sNed Flanders is green with envy.
1.8sOh, really?
2.04sWell, if you'll excuse me,
2.79sI got some civilization to spread like butter...
2.95son the English muffin that is these people,
2.57swith all their little nooks and crannies.
1.9sDad, are you licking toads?
1.98sI'm not not licking toads.
2.04sWell, it's time to get to work.
3.02sHumanitarian Homer Simpson, over and out.
3.34sGather round, everyone. I'm gonna teach you about religion.
2.6sOh, God, oh, God, oh, God--
1.85sPlease, please. That's not necessary. oh, God, oh, God--
2.6sI'm just God's messenger.
3.39sAnd lo, what a wondrous message it is.
2.84sLike this, from the book of...
3.19s"God will shatter the heads of his enemies,