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2.59sWhy are you torturing me? I'm just a man!
3.45sYou know, I've worked with so many legendary actors over the years...
2.84swho could be counted on to "phone it in."
5.1sWell, now it's your turn to phone it in-- Your pledge, that is.
4.96sPlease-- Please! We're only $10,000 away from returning to our show.
2.55sWell, why didn't you say so?
2.47sYes, I'd like to pledge $10,000...
1.93sto get them to shut up.
2.89sFrom... anonymous. Done and done.
0.6sDad, you don't have $10,000.
2.79sAw, how they gonna find me?
3.87sFolks, we just reached our goal of $10,700,
5.32sand it's all thanks to one generous caller who didn't leave his name.
1.77sBut thanks to Insta-Trace,
3.57swe've learned it's Homer Simpson of 742 Evergreen Terrace.