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3.14sYou know who you are. Thieves!
0.77sYou're mad? Where's my show?
0.67sAnd now it's time to go back to do shut up.
1.67sBut first--
3.3sWith your donation, you'll receive this classic PBS tote bag.
4.52sOr this umbrella, featuring a picture of our classic tote bag.
3.22sAnd the next 20 callers will get this album of museum noises.
1.94sNow your music room can sound...
3.25sjust like the Metropolitan Museum in New York.
2.59sWhy are you torturing me? I'm just a man!
3.45sYou know, I've worked with so many legendary actors over the years...
2.84swho could be counted on to "phone it in."
5.1sWell, now it's your turn to phone it in-- Your pledge, that is.
4.96sPlease-- Please! We're only $10,000 away from returning to our show.
2.55sWell, why didn't you say so?