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1.42sThank you.
1.47sWhat the hell were you doing?
2.17sI warned you to stay away from those guys.
2.43sI'm capable of making my own decisions, Leela.
2.94sDid you ever stop to think I might be happier with gills?
1.13sGood news, everyone.
1.9sUh-oh, I don't like the sound of that.
2.69sYou'll be making a delivery to the planet Trisol.
1.27sHere it comes.
4.84sA mysterious world in the darkest depths of the forbidden zone.
1.52sThank you and good night.
3.69sUh, Professor, are we even allowed in the forbidden zone?
1.52sWhy, of course.
1.12sIt's just a name.
1.32sLike "The Death Zone"
1.42sor "The Zone of No Return."
3.2sAll the zones have names like that in the Galaxy of Terror.
1.3sUh, Professor...
1.15soff you go.
1.47sPleasant trip.
2.92sHey, Bender how's dinner coming?
1.33sAlmost ready.