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2.42sFresh and cheap ready for transplant.
1.4sOoh, what's this?
1.47sAh, it's X-ray eye.
1.67sSee through anything.
2.47sWait a minute. This says "Z-ray."
2.89s"Z" is just as good. In fact, it's better.
1.6sIt's two more than "X."
2.55sHmm, I can see where that would be an advantage.
1.23sDo you take cash?
1.5sFry, you have to be more careful.
2.1sYou're not in the 20th century anymore.
1.97sYou don't know how things work here.
1.67sI'm not a little kid, Leela.
1.43sI grew up in this city.
1.23sThese are my people.
2.6sWhat up? Word.
3.64sWow! You guys sell every kind of meat here except human.
1.27sWhat? You want human?
2.24sWhat's this spice for?
1.2sThat's powdered swamp root.
2.34sMakes you irresistible to the opposite sex.
1.69sOh, that's ridiculous.
2.05sI'll take two pounds.
3.04sHey, buddy I'm looking for fresh slug.