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1.63sOh, dear.
0.87sIt's no use.
2.54sI want to cry, but I'm just too macho.
1.63sI'll make you cry, buddy.
4.62sYou're a pimple on society's ass and you'll never amount to anything.
1.5sWhat do you mean?
1.64sI was emperor of a whole planet.
1.12sGood point.
7.44sBut here's a disturbing reminder: Everyone you knew or loved in the 20th century is dead.
1.9sThese things happen.
2.84sOkay, Fry, grab a Kleenex for this one
7.94s'cause there's no god and your idiotic human ideals are laughable. Whew.
1.47sThat's a load off my mind.
3.6sMan, I guess it's harder than I thought to make someone cry.
1.82sYou did your best, Bender.