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2.54sformer under-aged offender, Snake.
3.5sIf they're smart, Kent, they'll stay off the main roads.
1.63sIt's all here in my book,
3.27sTen Habits of Highly Successful Criminals.
3.19sAll right, I plugged your book. Now, put down the gun.
5sTell them I'll be on Conan Thursday with Heather Locklear and Third Eye Blind.
3.27sWhy would Bart escape if he's gonna be released in two weeks?
2.95sYou just don't understand boys.
1.7sHe's stupid!
3sBut he won't know where to go or what to eat!
2.58sRelax. What's the worst that could happen?
3.37sYou shall marry my daughter, Moonhilda.
4.37sI can't wait to lay my eggs in his brain.
4.07sNo son of mine will be marched down the aisle at the barrel of a ray gun!
1.77s- Let's go! - (DOOR SLAMS)
1.7sSo why'd they send you to juvie?
2.1s- Shoplift a scrunchie? - Get bent.
2.57sI pushed Snow White over the parapet at Disneyland.
1.68sBART: Oh, man.