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2.5sI'm delighted to report that your grade...
3.97sbrought the entire school's G.P.A. up to our state's minimum standard.
3.3sWe now qualify for a basic assistance grant.
3.27sIt's the greatest honor the school has ever received,
2.69sand it's all thanks to you.
3.44sYour devotion to scholarship is a shining beacon to all who--
2.03sStop it! I cheated!
2.92sCheated! Cheated! Cheated! Cheated! Cheated!
2sLisa, what are you trying to say?
0.67sI cheated!
1.65sYou cheated?
4.17sOh, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy. Why didn't Miss Hoover tell me?
3.24sShe doesn't know. You're the only one I've told.
4.04sWell, then, one could make the argument...
2.94sthat there really is no problem.
0.55sBut what I did was wrong.
2.22sOh, very much so.