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2.9sOh, you shouldn't be watching The Learning Channel.
3.8sYou need to take it easy. But I'm hardly learning at all.
2.88sWhy don't you play with one of Bart's video games instead?
2.45sHugh Downs says they're the latest craze.
1.93sFoolish dingo.
2.32sYou must find and devour the seven crystal babies...
4.66sor spend eternity trapped in deep didgeridoo!
2.54sI am so scared.
3.95sAll right. I guess you're supposed to go through this stupid door.
3.24sHmm. I wonder what's in this glowing barrel.
3.15sWhat? Nunchakus? Those aren't even Australian.
2sOh, great. So I'm dead now.
2.8sFine. I'm sick of this stupid game anyway.