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2.62sput down the lawyer's briefcase, and put on the chef's hat.
1.03sYou know how it is.
1.53sNah. She don't do nothing.
3.04sSo, Peter, Lois tells me that you're working at the brewery.
2.54sI think that's great. A real job.
2.2sTrading futures, that's not real.
2.14sBut the money is unreal.
1.7sHey. To real jobs.
1.37sThat's it, Fishman. Shirts off.
1.3sI want to see who's got bigger pecs.
1.4sWell, they look better when they're oiled up.
1.47sPass the salad dressing.
3.54sOh, no, it's an almost-empty squeeze bottle. Hang on.
1.4sIt's all out.
2.1sThere's dressing on that salad. Give me that salad.
2.13sYeah, who's the better man now, Ross?
1.4sBrian, what are you doing down there?
2.6sThey didn't set a place for me. Not a dog family.
1.8sGo away.
1.47sGo away, you.
2.4sSo, Ben, do you go to James Woods High?