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2.85sI'll be here all night if you change your mind.
1.97sHey, Flanders, is everything okay?
1.42sOh, yeah, sure.
2.45sSee anything you like?
3.9sOh, it's not good enough for you but it's good enough for me?
3.44sI wouldn't be caught dead buying this... Hello.
1.97sGot your eye on the gas grill, huh?
1.48sShe's a butane beaut.
1.2sI'll give you 20.
4.14sHomer, I paid $300 for this just last year.
2.38s$20. Take it or leave it.
2.24sOh, Homer, be reasonable.
2.57sSorry, no cash for Neddy.
1.72sHomer keep all money.
1.02sBye-bye, Neddy.
1.25sAll right, Homer.
0.6sI don't want it.
2.49sIt was a passing fancy.
6.1sAlthough, if you threw in a few lawn chairs maybe that tool bench, it might rekindle my interest.
2.1sHey, Bartely-boobely.
2.3sCare for a steakarooni?
3.62sSounds scrum-diddley-umptious, dear old duddely-doodely.