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1.02sSour grapes.
2.75sThose Germans have a word for everything.
2.3sWhat did you learn in karate school?
2.32sYeah, this better be worth my ten bucks.
2.32sUh... I learned the Touch of Death.
1.63sOoh, the Touch of Death.
1.87sPermit me to demonstrate.
1.43sLisa, shut your eyes.
1.63sSoon you will be at peace.
1.8sHey, quit it, Bart. Quit it.
0.83sQuit it! Quit it!
1.4sQuit it! Mom!!
3.05sDon't use the Touch of Death on your sister.
1.45sThey fought and fit
7.27sthey fought and fought and fit fought-fought-fought, fit-fit-fit the itchy and scratchy show! Uh-oh! Got to get back to karate class.
1.53sMissed a spot.
1.57sDopey kid.