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2.35sHomer, you were a true friend.
1.6sNo, I was a swine.
1.9sListen, Flanders.
1.75sDo you still have that store?
1.49sFor two more days.
3sThen it becomes Libertarian Party headquarters.
2.24sI hope they have better luck.
2.19sYou open that store tomorrow.
1.72sHomer, there's no point.
1.93sI said do it!
1.77sHello, jerry? Homer Simpson.
3.44sRemember last month when I paid back that loan?
3sWell, now I need you to do a favor for me.
2.55sA left-handed corkscrew?
1.13sOh, baby.
2.47s"Kiss me-- I'm left-handed?"
2.22sThat's a classic.
1.08sIt's Homer Simpson.
1.2sTell him I went out.
2.04sHe needs you to help Ned Flanders.
1.7sNed is in trouble?!
1.92sSmithers, I'm licked.
1.03sYou open this can.
2.35sOkay, but you softened it up for me.
1.02sHold it, Smithers.
1.2sI'll open the can.