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1.7sYou know, Rick, this isn't easy for us,
1.63sYou know, w-we all remember you as a friend.
1.76sOh, oh, oh, really?
1.8sWell, I remember you as a whiny, little piece of shit, Marty!
1.16s- Oh -- oh, yeah? - Yeah!
4sI've got about a thousand memories of your dumb, little ass and about six ofthem are pleasant.
1.76sThe rest is annoying garbage.
1.93sSo why don't you do us both a favor and pull the trigger?
1.13sDo it! Do it, motherfucker!
2.9sPull the fucking trigger!
1.63sOh, wow.
1.83sBaby Wizard was a parasite?
1.8sHe set me up with my wife.
1.87sWhat the hell?
1.47sI figured it out, Rick!
1.47sThe parasites can only create pleasant memories.
4.36sI know you're real because I have a ton of bad memories with you!
5.1sJ, These memories that we have J,
5.77sJ, These memories that we cherish J,
9.64sJ, I wish that we can go back to that time J,