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2.3sBrings the total price down to $110 after tax.
3.47sNow, listen, we can flip those sons of bitches for 230 bucks apiece easy!
1.93sThey're all limited-edition "Zelda" ones.
1.59sHurry! Hurry! Come with me!
3.8sWe can be rich, and we also all get to keep one and we can play Nintendo games!
2.09sNintendo, give me free stuff.
2.23sOkay, yes, I definitely remember doing that,
1.8sbut also, I would never do that.
1.56sDon't overreact, Rick.
1.99sSleepy Gary, a word? Sure, Jerry.
1.52sRick, keep a level head, okay?
2.7s'Cause I'll tell you a secret about Frankenstein --
4.1sHe's actually Frankenstein's monster.
4.33sSleepy Gary, m-my head is filled with memories of our friendship.
2.8sI'm convinced that you're Beth's husband and I'm your friend,
2.09sbut ifthose memories can't be trusted, then...
1.4sJerry, just say it,
3.16sSleepy Gary, how do we know Wm real?
1.97sJesus, Jerry.
1.43sNo, you're real.
1.3sHey, look at me.
1.59sNow, I don't know which way is up out there,
2.53sbut I know us, and you're real, Jerry.
1.63sRemember our vacation?