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2.23sRick, these are our family and friends,
1.8sthe people we barbecue with.
1.93sHave you forgotten the barbecue?
1.43sWait, why would you want me to --
1.19sYou're one of them, aren't you?
2.94sRick. You love those barbecues, Rick.
1.26sYou lovethem. Hai!
1.4sRemember it, Rick?
2.3sShut up, Hamurai! Shut up, Amish Cyborg!
1.7sWhat is this? '90s Conan?
1.87sALL: Remember the barbecue.
1.26sRemember the barbecue.
1.7sRemember the barbecue.
2.09sYou know what, Pencilvester?
2.03sIt took me my whole life to realize it,
1.59sbut I love barbecuing.
1.76s- You're good at it, Rick. - Watch me, baby.
1.97sI'm like Tom Cruise from, um, "Cuisine"
2.59sor w-whatever that movie's called where he makes drinks.
1.4sYeah, check me out.
1.49sI'm like Tom Cruise from "Cuisine."
1.43sIs that what it's called? "Cuisine"?
3.76sWow! Hey, everybody Let's give it up for the grillmaster Rick!