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1.49sIt was Tinkles!
1.33sThat is su-- -- suspicious.
1.9sWe're always hearing about this Tinkles character,
1.49sBut we never get to --
0.14sHi, everybody.
2.09sl'm Tinkles, and these are my friends.
1.56sSee, everyone? Tinkles is real.
1.3sThat means so am l,
2.09s- Sorry, Summer. - Man, I'm sorry, Summer.
2.66sl was on the wrong side ofthe pitchfork on this one.
4.79sOkay, look, we shouldn't need evidence or logic to know who's family and who isn't.
1.73sI know who the Smiths are.
1.99sI've known Beth since High School.
1.8sAnd her husband, sleepy Gary,
2.16sis hands down my absolute best friend.
1.16sThanks, Jerry.
1.76sBeyond that, no offense to any of you,
1.37sbut all bets are off.
2.47sLook, I'm not used to being this unsure for this long.
1.4sI'm just gonna aim for shoulders starting with the weird girl.
0.25sGrandpa Rick!
1.51sHold still, "Summer."
2.2sRick, that is my daughter.