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2.09slt's past my bedtime.
1.99sNot in Never Past Bedtime Land!
1.87sHere we go!
1.49sJ, Summer and Tinkles J,
1.43sJ, Friends with each other J,
3.03sJ, Living in Never Past Bedtime Land J,
1.83sJ, No kitchen sinkles J,
1.73sJ, No little brother J,
2.94sJ, Going to raves and waving our hands J,
1.76sJ, Summer and Tinkle, friends to the end J,
1.56sJ, Group text the whole crew, my motherfuckin' friends! J,
1.83sJ, Ketchup to the salt, salt to the fry J,
1.43sJ, "T" to the "inkle" with a capital "l" J,
1.76sOoh! Ooh! Ooh!
1.87s- Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! - Summer, we're trying to sleep.
1.49sIt was Tinkles!
1.33sThat is su-- -- suspicious.
1.9sWe're always hearing about this Tinkles character,
1.49sBut we never get to --
0.14sHi, everybody.
2.09sl'm Tinkles, and these are my friends.
1.56sSee, everyone? Tinkles is real.
1.3sThat means so am l,
2.09s- Sorry, Summer. - Man, I'm sorry, Summer.
2.66sl was on the wrong side ofthe pitchfork on this one.