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1.3sThat's it, Photos.
1.56sHard evidence.
2.73sYou're not in any of my photos, Mr. Poopybutthole.
1.73sWell, what do you know about this?
2.43sYou're not in any of mine.
4.06sAll l have are pictures of me and my friends from school.
2.53sWhat? What teenage girl has pictures of her family?
1.83sIt's not like we're Mormon or dying.
5.93sI will admit it's suspicious that Summer's only friend is a magic ballerina lamb that we've never seen.
2.09slt's past my bedtime.
1.99sNot in Never Past Bedtime Land!
1.87sHere we go!
1.49sJ, Summer and Tinkles J,
1.43sJ, Friends with each other J,
3.03sJ, Living in Never Past Bedtime Land J,
1.83sJ, No kitchen sinkles J,
1.73sJ, No little brother J,
2.94sJ, Going to raves and waving our hands J,
1.76sJ, Summer and Tinkle, friends to the end J,
1.56sJ, Group text the whole crew, my motherfuckin' friends! J,
1.83sJ, Ketchup to the salt, salt to the fry J,
1.43sJ, "T" to the "inkle" with a capital "l" J,
1.76sOoh! Ooh! Ooh!