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1.56sWe're trying to sleep.
1.8sI don't want to go to the dance alone.
3.87sMR. BEAUREGARD: Then perhaps you shouldn't.
1.93sAww, Mr. Beauregard.
1.2sShall we, master Morty?
1.89sWe shall.
3.87sOh, wait, don't leave without letting Photography Raptor take a picture.
2.09sEverybody stop remembering!
1.66sThese parasites are like bed bugs,
2.06sand every flashback is another mattress. Look!
2.53sThere's only supposed to be six people in this house.
1.19sBut there's always been 10.
2.36sUh, the fact that I wrote this number down means that there's four parasites.
1.19sYou sure about that, Rick?
1.66sBegging your pardon, master Rick,
3.2sbut I seem to recall a great deal of confusion surrounding that number.
1.37sAll right, there's six of us,
1.16sAnd that's it,
2.63sMe, Marty, Jerry, Beth, Mr. Poopybutthole,
2.23sFrankenstein, Sleepy Gary, Photography Raptor,
1.33sMr. Beauregard, and Summer.
1.8sUh, dad, that's like 10 people.
1.9s6, 10, what's the difference?
2.49sI just love the number 6 for no reason!
1.19sWhere's my pencil at?