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2.4sPerhaps I'm biased, but if that story never happened,
2.73sthen lwouldn't still be the family butler.
1.23sDare to dream.
1.93sAnd if Mr. Beauregard wasn't our butler,
3.37sit's safe to say the family'd be in a hellof a lot oftrouble.
1.9sNo! Don't flashback!
1.4sYou're just gonna make more swelling.
1.16s- Don't worry, Jerry. - Just relax.
1.13sWe called the fire department.
1.93sYou know they won't come here anymore.
1.63sMarmalade is served.
1.63s- Yeah! - Yeah! Yeah!
1.37sOh, whee!
2.76sI guess I take back what I said about British cuisine.
1.06sTake that, Summer!
1.56sWe're trying to sleep.
1.8sI don't want to go to the dance alone.
3.87sMR. BEAUREGARD: Then perhaps you shouldn't.
1.93sAww, Mr. Beauregard.
1.2sShall we, master Morty?
1.89sWe shall.
3.87sOh, wait, don't leave without letting Photography Raptor take a picture.
2.09sEverybody stop remembering!
1.66sThese parasites are like bed bugs,