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2.2sthe world will tremble before the Fourth Reich!
3.5sThis is the last time I ask you for help on my history final, Rick.
3.33sHey, we got a word for Nazis back in Brooklyn, pal.
1.7sl'm comfortable being called a Nazi.
3.16sYou think there's some other word that will hurt my feelings?
2.33sYeah. Think before you talk shit.
2.99sRah-gubaba, help me kill America!
2.03sALL: Mr. Beauregard!
4.6sAfter due consideration, I have elected not to retire.
1.52sALL: Yeah!
0.24sOh, thank god!
3.23sNow, I believe someone has a final exam to attend.
2.33sSet a course for Morty's high school.
2.4sPerhaps I'm biased, but if that story never happened,
2.73sthen lwouldn't still be the family butler.
1.23sDare to dream.
1.93sAnd if Mr. Beauregard wasn't our butler,
3.37sit's safe to say the family'd be in a hellof a lot oftrouble.
1.9sNo! Don't flashback!
1.4sYou're just gonna make more swelling.
1.16s- Don't worry, Jerry. - Just relax.
1.13sWe called the fire department.
1.93sYou know they won't come here anymore.
1.63sMarmalade is served.