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3.6sNow that I possess the mighty staff of Rah-gubaba,
2.2sthe world will tremble before the Fourth Reich!
3.5sThis is the last time I ask you for help on my history final, Rick.
3.33sHey, we got a word for Nazis back in Brooklyn, pal.
1.7sl'm comfortable being called a Nazi.
3.16sYou think there's some other word that will hurt my feelings?
2.33sYeah. Think before you talk shit.
2.99sRah-gubaba, help me kill America!
2.03sALL: Mr. Beauregard!
4.6sAfter due consideration, I have elected not to retire.
1.52sALL: Yeah!
0.24sOh, thank god!
3.23sNow, I believe someone has a final exam to attend.
2.33sSet a course for Morty's high school.
2.4sPerhaps I'm biased, but if that story never happened,
2.73sthen lwouldn't still be the family butler.