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1.9sOh, y'all, we're gonna be fine.
3.13sI've always been here for you guys, and I always will be.
3.27sSomebody call for repairs?
1.4sALL: Yay! Cousin Nicky!
1.23sIt's me, cousin Nicky.
1.87sl'm walkin' here! I mean, I'm not.
1.9sl'm crouched in the elevator shaft,
2.63sbut hey, I'm walkin' here!
1.59sIt's true.
2.2sWe really do get into some crazy situations as a family,
2.16smostly when we're cooped up like this.
2.03sHey, maybe Mr. Poopypants is right.
1.43sL-let's get some fresh air.
1.26sCome on, cousin Nicky. You heard Rick.
3.23sWe have to stay quarantined until we know that there's no more ofthese things.
1.4sI hear you, Marty,
1.7sBack in Brooklyn, we got a sayin' --
1.93s"We're walkin' here!"
1.26sNicky, get --
1.73sWhat the. ..?
1.9sCousin Nicky was a parasite?!
1.87sSix, Morty! There's supposed to be six of us!
2.2slfthere's seven, then that means somebody's not real.
1.52sBut how did you know it was Nicky?
1.52sI guessed. That's why I aimed for his shoulder.
1.83sSo we can't trust any of our memories now?
2.16sNicky was the reason we found that old Nazi submarine.
1.33sDid that not even happen?
2.06sWell, of course it happened.