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0.03sCan't afford to chance it.
2.66sDad, why does our house have blast shields?
2.63sTrust me, Beth, you don't want to know how many answers that question has.
1.87sOoh, gosh, it feels claustrophobic!
3.6sReminds me of that time we all got stuck in the elevator together.
3.9sY-- remember that? After "The Hulk" musical?
2.23sJerry, buttons don't work better if you hit them harder,
1.7sAnd foam fists don't make you strong.
1.97sI know. Friends make you strong.
2.09sI watched the same musical you did.
1.9sWhy couldn't I bring my portal gun?
1.52sWhy did all the drinks have to be extra large?
1.66sOh, the Hulk. I just got that.
2.49sJust pee your pants. I did it the minute we got stuck.
1.8sOh, oh, yeah, yeah, shame me.
2.63sAt least when I'm disgusting, it's on purpose.
1.9sOh, y'all, we're gonna be fine.
3.13sI've always been here for you guys, and I always will be.
3.27sSomebody call for repairs?
1.4sALL: Yay! Cousin Nicky!