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1.16sNo. No!
3.9sJust send me to Gary. I want to be with Gary.
2.09sOh, god,
1.83sWhoa. What the hell?
1.37sLook out for that homeless guy!
2.23sOpen the door! Open the door! Open the door!
2.26sThere isn't time! Just run!
1.59sGet out here and help me!
2.66sThey say you shouldn't do that! Just run!
2.8sUgh. Sorry, Jerry. You're real.
2.16sI'm a parasite!
2.09sYeah, but you're real.
3.96sUh, uh, I need time to forget about sleepy Gary.
1.4sMe, too.
4.44sRICK: From now on, let's all be careful to wash our hands when we get back from outer space.
1.52sThat goes for everyone.
1.23sThis is depressing.
1.97sWe killed every good person in the house.
1.93sWe’re what's left? What a family.
1.59sAt least we're real, Jerry.
1.7sWe're real. Ricky ticky tavi!
2.53sOoh, whee! Amen to that.
2.63sNow, this little Poopypants is hungry.