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3.37sThese are the dark-matter engines I invented.
4.24sThey allow my starship to travel between galaxies in mere hours.
1.27sThat's impossible.
3.07sYou can't go faster than the speed of light.
1.23sOf course not.
4.14sThat's why scientists increased the speed of light in 2208.
1.23sAlso impossible.
5.99sAnd what makes my engines truly remarkable is the afterburner which delivers 200% fuel efficiency.
2.09sOh, that's especially impossible.
2.77sNot at all. It's very simple.
1.28sThen explain it.
1.42sNow, that's impossible.
1.6sIt came to me in a dream,
2.54sand I forgot it in another dream.
3.9sYour explanations are pure weapons-grade bologna-ium.
1.77sIt's all impossible.
2.8sNothing is impossible. Not if you can imagine it.
3.08sThat's what being a scientist is all about.
3.3sNo, that's what being a magical elf is all about.