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1.3sLittle twerp.
2.1sAy, Chihuahua!
3.47sQbert, as my successor I'm trusting you to carry on my work.
4.97sThese are just some of the half-finished inventions you'll spend your life finishing.
3.67sI didn't realize you were the inventor of the junk heap.
2.12sThat's my prizewinning Smell-A-Scope.
5.42sIf a dog craps anywhere in the universe you can bet I won't be out of the loop.
2.45sAnd this is my universal translator.
5.87sUnfortunately, so far, it only translates into an incomprehensible dead language.
1.1sCrazy gibberish.
1.77sDon't you have any worthwhile inventions?
1.1sWhy, certainly.
2.03sStep over here.
3.37sThese are the dark-matter engines I invented.
4.24sThey allow my starship to travel between galaxies in mere hours.
1.27sThat's impossible.
3.07sYou can't go faster than the speed of light.
1.23sOf course not.
4.14sThat's why scientists increased the speed of light in 2208.