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1.63sWhat? Kingston rules.
2.64sTwo men go down, one come up.
2.7sLook, the professor trusts me with a giant spaceship.
3.59sHe wouldn't trust the rest of you with his dentures.
1.28sYes, he would.
1.75sSorry, everyone, but need I remind you?
2.27sBlood is thicker than water.
2.92s"Blood... thicker... water."
2.6sEveryone, I have a very dramatic announcement.
2.6sSo anyone with a weak heart should leave now.
1.2sUh, Professor?
2.12sOh, oh, yes, the announcement.
3.47sAs you all know, I am not long for this world.
1.4sYes, we do. True dat.
1.67s- Duh! - One foot in the grave.