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3.15sMy best years are behind me--
5.29sso much left undone, so little time.
3.1sFunny, funny stuff.
1.57sMy life is over.
1.44sNo, it isn't.
2.1sYou have another ten years left.
4.3sLeela, he could live another hundred years.
1.08sNo, he couldn't.
1.27sWhen you turn 160,
3.7srobots from the Sunset Squad take you to a mysterious planet,
1.77sand you never return.
1.68sWow. A whole planet of old people.
1.4sWhere is it?
2sNobody knows.
1.65sSo many loves half-loved,
2.47sso many inventions half-invented.
4.02sThat damn time machine alone set me back 15 years.
1.13sIf only it had worked,
2.6syou could go back and not waste your time on it.