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2.33sYour Medicare dollars at work.
2.2sIdentify this guest.
2.25sUh, this is Professor Hubert Farnsworth.
0.8sHe escaped.
2.42sEscaped? No one escapes.
2.74sThis guest does not look 160.
1.74sWhat, I'm old! Listen--
2.52sHey, you kids, get off the lawn!
4.29sHmm. It is true old people are often concerned that there are children on their lawns.
1.57sThere's no denying that,
3.19sbut we'll still need to verify his identity with a DNA sample.
2.35sGot a hot, steaming batch right here.
2.57sWe only needed one cell.
1.38sEh, keep the change, buddy.
1.83s- Stupid robot. - Did your hump
1.1ssay something?
2.9sUh, I've got talking hump syndrome.
1.55sAh, T.H.S.