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4.1sAnd, um, oh, there's our ladies' book club.
1.87sSara, you’re more than welcome to come.
1.76sOh, I'd love to.
4.46sAnother scoop. "Sara Sloane to attend girl-on-girl book club."
2.47sOh, Moe, you lovable loser.
2.76sYou just made yourself five dollars. Hoo-hoo!
2.87sToday’s book is Bridget Jones's Diary.
2.03sNow let's go around the room...
2.2sand analyze why we didnt read it.
1.59sAll my friends are dead.
2.99sWell, then, I guess it's time for margaritas.
1.99sWell, I wish someone had read the book...
2.97ssince I did invite the author, Helen Fielding.
3.6sOh, never mind. As long as they all bought the book, I'll still get the money.
5.37sBesides, most Americans cant understand the sophisticated subtlety of British humor.