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1.47sJ We'd hear it from the people JJ
1.83sAre you aware that your daughter's gay?
3.3s- Boy, those guys are such leeches. - Moe, what are you doing here?
4.3sCant your old buddy Moe stop by with a list of questions from the Weekly World News?
3.66sNumber one, Sara, is it true you shoplifted a kayak?
2.87sI'll have you know she pays full price for all her watercraft.
0sRainier Wolfcastle?
3.06sMy ex-boyfriend.
2.66sSara, Liebchen, take me back.
3.13slf tears could burst through my muscular ducts...
2.99sI would cry like a baby who was just hit by a hammer.
2.3sRainier, you’re too jealous.
2.83sYou beat up Jon Lovitz just because he presented me an award.
3.44sOh, come on. No one misses a handshake that badly.
3.44sSorry. I found someone nice who doesnt talk like a freak.
2.94sMy libido has been terminated.
2.23sNed, I’ve never met a man like you.
2.53sYou’re sensitive. You’re in great shape.