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4.16sSir, there's no reason Sara needs to do this scene in the altogether.
3.6sSam, he's got a point. Katharine Hepburn never showed her breasts.
0sThere's still time.
3.99sI want a rewrite- with no nudity.
2.66sAll right. But you’re gonna have to kiss a woman.
2.23sDeal. Ned, we won.
4.37sYep. Now all we gotta do is turn that woman into a fella and that kiss into a game of Scrabble.
2.87sYou’re so sweet to look out for me.
4.73sThe public may not see me naked, but you just might.
2.83sWell, that’s...
2.63svery interesting, uh-
2.87sEasy, Ned. Think ofthe Bible.
3.16sJJ [Angelic Music f